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The key to a great financial plan is understanding all the parts of your finances.  Attending workshops, reading books, and asking questions of competent professionals will help you learn more and gain confidence in your financial plans.  SOFA offers classes for free to help with this education process, and you can schedule a complimentary consultation with the presenter to get expert answers to your specific situation.


Each attendee has the right to meet with the presenter one-on-one.  This meeting is given as a service to help answer your questions and apply the principles taught to your specific situation.  These meetings are directed by you and can last up to 90 minutes.  Come prepared to ask questions and get answers.


With years of experience working with PERA benefits, we understand there are unique considerations when preparing for retirement.  We have helped CO State employees decide what pension option to choose, understand how Social Security will be affected, analyze their income and expense needs, and get a clear picture of their whole financial picture as they approach and enter retirement.


Free Consultation

Specializing in planning for CO State employees


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